Residential real estate agents facilitate. the homebuying process between buyers and sellers. You can be even more specialized by focusing on specific kinds of properties like single family homes, condos, luxury homes, vacation homes for sale, or foreclosures. You’ll need a license to become a residential real estate agent, and your success depends on how well you meet your client’s needs.As a property manager, you ensure the financial and physical well-being of the real estate property and the happiness of the tenants. Some property owners would like to be somewhat involved, while others will leave all decisions and actions to you.
  • Being comfortable with the risk involved in the career
  • Having access to the best loans for investment property
  • Knowing how to find the best investment properties for sale and analyze their profitability
  • Only go for positive cash flow opportunities. Many beginners fall into the trap of buying a negative cash flow property, believing that they can turn it around.
  • you have to be active, well-organized, and good with people. You need to be on top of property maintenance and upkeep, as well as rental inspections and rent collection.